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Williamson County Delinquent Property Taxes

When it comes to paying the annual property tax, Williamson County must follow many of the same guidelines as other areas in Texas. Although the tax rate is different for counties all across the state, Williamson County property taxes have the same hard deadline to submit payments. If the tax bill is neglected by residents of Williamson County, delinquent property taxes will add up and these property owners could face foreclosure. If you’re currently unsure of how property taxes work, we’re here to help. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the Williamson County, Texas property tax rate and more.

What Percentage is the Williamson County Property Tax?

Whether you live in Dallas, Austin or Georgetown, Texas, you must pay a tax bill that is applied to your property. Every year, the appraisal district gathers information based on the tax assessor’s expertise to determine the tax rate. This info includes the value of taxable real estate, including both residential and commercial properties. The average effective Williamson County property tax percentage is 2.01%

Unfortunately, this tax rate can be even higher depending on where you live within Williamson County. For example, a specific ordinance can be put in place to drive up the percentage in one city compared to another. To put things into perspective, Mansfield, Texas’s average effective tax rate is set at 2.47%; however, it’s in Tarrant County, which has an average rate of only 2.16%.

How Do Williamson County Property Tax Rates Compare?

Williamson County property tax rates are some of the highest property taxes in Texas, and even more than the state as a whole (which is 1.83%). This is because Williamson County is not only home to some of the most expensive houses in Texas, but the cost of living is higher than many other counties. Still, large tax rates in Texas are the norm as most property taxes in Texas are higher than other states, and this is due to the fact that Texans don’t pay individual income taxes.

The Williamson County property tax rate percentage is larger than the following counties:

When Are Williamson County Property Taxes Due?

Williamson County property tax statements are sent out to residents around the beginning or middle of October and follow the state guidelines for when Texas property taxes are due. You will have to pay them three months later by January 31st. No matter where you live in Williamson County, delinquent property taxes will take effect if you don’t completely pay off your bill by that deadline.

What Are the Fees for Williamson County Delinquent Property Taxes?

If you don’t pay your bill for Williamson County, delinquent property taxes will begin accruing on February 1st when you’ll be responsible for your bill plus 7% in penalty and interest fees. These fees will only increase with time, so it’s extremely important that you read about tax penalties in full to understand the risk associated with delinquent payments. And, if you still haven’t paid your tax bill by July 1st, you will be responsible for an added collection fee of 20% on top of the accrued fees and your total bill.

Exemptions for Williamson County Property Taxes

Fortunately, there are some exemptions for some residents of Williamson County, Texas. Property tax bills, for example, can be paid off in quarterly installments if you qualify for an age or homestead exemption. If you have any questions about your eligibility, you must visit the Williamson County website for more information.

What Happens if You Don’t Pay Your Williamson County Property Tax?

If you don’t pay your Williamson County property tax in full by July 1st, the bank is officially able to issue a tax lien on your property which can start the foreclosure process on your home or business. When this happens, you must get your bill paid off immediately or face the consequence of your deed being auctioned off.

How To Pay Williamson County Property Taxes

To pay your Williamson County property taxes, you’ll need to visit the official Williamson County Tax Assessor Collector website. From there, you’ll be able to search for your property, make an online payment or collect records of your statements. If you’d prefer to pay off your bill in person to prevent property tax delinquency, you can always book an appointment with one of the Williamson County offices.

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