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Real Estate Tax Relief

No matter where you live in Texas, you’ll receive a tax bill for your personal property or business every year. If this amount is not paid off by the deadline, your account will be subject to hefty late fees, or even a possible foreclosure. Before you accrue fines from delinquent property taxes, see how Tax Ease can take away your stress with our real estate tax relief services. Read on to learn more.

What Are Delinquent Property Taxes?

Each year, whether you live in Harris County, Tarrant County, or any other part of Texas, a tax assessor from the appraisal district determines each county’s property tax rates. This is done by performing a full analysis of all taxable personal property within each individual area, from residential homes to commercial properties. The tax rate is then set at a percentage that represents the entire county’s average real estate values. Some rates are relatively low, but the state of Texas is known for having larger property tax rates compared to other states, even if the state’s average is only 1.83%. In fact, some cities within certain counties may pay more in property taxes due to specific local ordinances or levies. To put things in perspective, here are some counties with the highest property tax rates on average:

  • El Paso County (2.22%)
  • Tarrant County (2.16%)
  • Fort Bend County (2.23%)

Because Texans do not pay income taxes, these property tax bills are extremely important to pay on time. And, when home and business owners neglect the payment deadline, their account will officially have delinquent property taxes and may need real estate tax relief to cover the bill.

Once a person owes delinquent property taxes, they’ll have to cover the cost of their entire bill and an additional late fee that gradually increases with each passing month. For example, if you don’t pay your property taxes by April, your late fee will be 11% of your total tax bill.

What Happens if You Don’t Pay Your Tax Bill?

If you continue to put off paying your tax bill and don’t request property tax relief, your property will be in jeopardy of foreclosure. After July 1st, you will be required to pay your total bill, the accrued late fees, an added 20% collection fee and, worst of all, your property could receive a tax lien. This allows the bank to start the foreclosure process and auction off your deed if you still don’t pay. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to reach out for Texas property tax relief from Tax Ease as soon as possible.

What Is Property Tax Relief?

The most common form of property tax relief is, in layman’s terms, a loan that you can take out from an institution that offers such funding. At Tax Ease, we are able to analyze your personal property and, if you qualify, pay off your tax bill in full with our real estate tax relief service. Even if you owe a tremendous amount of money, we’re able to eliminate this burden and provide you with a seamless, flexible payment schedule. You won’t have to worry about your house or business being foreclosed.

How Do I Apply for Texas Property Tax Loans?

When you’re ready to apply for Texas property tax loans, simply head over to our application page to get started. There, you’ll need to specify standard borrower information, co-borrower information and personal property information. You’ll also need to have a recent income statement and mortgage statement. Some basic things you’ll need to enter include:

  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Your property type
  • Information pertaining to any property damage

Once you’ve entered this information, we will get back with you within 24 hours to let you know if you’re approved! One important thing to know: there are no fees associated with applying for our real estate tax relief.

Will I Qualify for Real Estate Tax Relief?

Ultimately, our goal is to help anybody who is in need of real estate tax relief, and most of our customers do qualify as long as they provide us with the information that we need. However, if you are concerned about whether or not you will qualify, please contact us so that we can learn more about you before you apply.

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Rely on Tax Ease for Your Real Estate Tax Relief!

Don’t get caught up with unpaid, delinquent property taxes that can place your property at risk of foreclosure. Tax Ease can provide you with the property tax relief you need right away. And, with a flexible payment schedule, you can focus on getting your finances back in order and avoid the stress of hefty late fees. Request our real estate tax relief today!

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