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Pre-loan/application questions

A: No, there are no application fees for a property tax loan from Tax Ease.

A: For your application, please have a recent mortgage statement if there is a mortgage. For a residential loan you will also need a document that proves your income (recent paycheck, W-2, etc).

More than you’d ever want to pay. As of February 1st, your property taxes are considered delinquent. At that point, most taxing authorities increase their penalty by at least 2% each month through June 30th.  On July 1st, a heft collection fee of 20% is added. By the end of the year, you could end up paying 47.6% in penalties, fees and interest along with your original property taxes.

A: Of course. We’re available by phone seven days a week. You can also submit an application online, if you prefer.

Taxease will approve you for a property tax loan in as little as 24 hours. All we need is some basic info from you. You can get started today! 

A: It depends on your situation, but it’s unlikely that you’ll find lower rates elsewhere.

Post-loan/payment questions

Don’t worry. Many of our customers have loans on their properties currently.  

Missed payments happen for a variety of reasons.  Our Servicing Department will work with you to minimize any headaches. . We pride ourselves on being able to work with Texans in various situations.

A: No. When you choose Tax Ease to pay your property taxes in full, the existing lien is merely transferred to us. This is what’s known as a tax lien transfer (TLT).

Yes! We can consolidate your loans and pay off the news years taxes.