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Property Tax Loans in Texas

Getting Behind On Your Property Taxes?

A property tax loan can help when unexpected expenses severely impact your ability to pay your mortgage, let alone your taxes. It's great that Texas has no income tax, but property taxes can still take a bite out of your budget. It's no wonder many property owners are in trouble when January 31st rolls around and taxes are due.

Tax Ease has the best tax solutions for property tax woes. We fund loans to pay property taxes, and together, we'll work out a plan with you that resolves your tax troubles and helps you sleep at night. We offer Texas property tax loan relief to both residential and commercial owners and investors.

What Happens If I Don't Pay My Property Taxes?

In Texas, if your property taxes haven't been paid by February 1st the following tax year, your local taxing authority will start to add penalties and interest charges to the delinquent property tax you owe. Over the course of a year, these charges can amount to as much of 50% of the taxes due! The larger the amount you owe, the faster these extra charges mount up. Eventually, if you neglect to pay all that you owe, you are at risk of having a tax lien put on your house and losing your home to foreclosure.

What Are Property Tax Loans from Tax Ease?

A property tax loan in Texas takes care of your property taxes when you can't. After you receive approval for the loan, Tax Ease will pay off the delinquent property taxes and any other penalty and interest charges that have accrued. Then, we'll set up a plan that works within your budget so you can repay the tax money you owe. When you borrow the money and repay Tax Ease, you save on additional penalties and delinquency fees from the government.

Why Is a Property Tax Loan a Sound Financial Plan?

Paying a bill for property taxes with hefty penalties may be beyond your financial means. When you work with Tax Ease, you can make an affordable payment on your Texas property tax loan every month until it is paid off. As long as you keep up with these smaller payments, you won't have to worry about penalties accruing – or losing your home as you try to pay Uncle Sam.

Why Is Tax Ease the Best Choice For A Property Tax Loan?

Tax Ease is one of the top property tax lenders in Texas. We write loans for residential and commercial owners and investors to give them the financial relief they need when they need it.

What Happens When I Apply For a Property Tax Loan From Tax Ease?

We have a simple 5-step process for handling Texas property tax loans. We make it as quick and easy as possible to manage your tax payment.

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Avoid expensive penalties and possible foreclosure. Set up a budget-friendly payment plan with a property tax loan from the tax experts at Tax Ease.

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