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Real Estate Tax Help

Having real estate is a point of pride for many people — homeownership, in particular, is often considered a major achievement. But as everyone in Texas knows, when the tax bill comes in, that sense of success can fade pretty fast, especially if you’re not prepared to pay. While some Texans fantasize about a tax strike to keep from paying those high rates, that’s not exactly a feasible solution to a real problem. And, if you need help with back property taxes, selling your home won’t necessarily take care of the issue — you may then owe a real estate transfer tax. There are numerous reasons why you might need real estate tax help, and that’s why we’re here.

Why Might You Need Help with Property Taxes in Texas?

Needing property tax help in Texas is quite common. While personal expenses and changing financial situations are often to blame, it usually comes down to these two factors.

1. High Property Tax Rates

When compared to other states, property tax rates in Texas are high, roughly averaging between 1.60% and 1.80%. Even though there are no personal income taxes, the overall burden on the taxpayer is still substantial. Without setting aside the proper funds throughout the year, you could need real estate tax help to pay your bill.

2. Missed Due Dates

Real estate taxes are due as soon as you receive your bill. The bills start going out in October. However, all Texas property taxes are due by January 31st at the latest. Missing a payment can have serious consequences, which is why it’s so important to seek assistance if you can’t pay promptly.

What Happens If You Don’t Get Property Tax Help?

If you don’t get property tax help and miss the deadline for payment, your problems are just beginning. These are the key issues you’ll face:

  • You’ll owe delinquent real estate taxes starting on February 1st.
  • As part of delinquency, you’ll begin to accrue late fees and penalties on a regular schedule — see our property tax calculator to understand how these rates rise over time.
  • You could lose your real estate if the tax collector or local authorities decide to initiate a sale of your property to cover the amount owed.

While you can seek real estate tax relief before things happen, there are also forms of delinquent tax help you can get even after you’ve missed your payment.

What Kind of Real Estate Tax Help Is Available?

The type of real estate tax help that’s best for you depends on your current situation and where you’re at in the process. Some people consider using a tax return to pay property taxes, but that requires a lot of planning ahead to work properly — time that those facing delinquency typically don’t have. Below are some of the most common ways to get relief from the burden.

Appeal the Assessed Value of Your Real Estate

The tax assessor-collector in your county assesses the value of all local properties. The standards by which this is done differ slightly between counties — you can find specific information on your area via the Texas Comptroller. If you have a valid reason to believe your real estate’s assessed value is incorrect, you can file an official appraisal protest or appeal. There’s no guarantee that this will lower your tax bill, but it is worth looking into if you feel there’s a discrepancy.

Seek a Property Tax Exemption

If you meet specific requirements, you can file for a tax exemption as a form of real estate tax help. Some of these are based on military service, age or potential disabilities, but the most common is a homestead exemption. You may be able to seek a homestead exemption if the real estate on which you owe money is your residence.

Apply for Property Tax Loans

Whether they’re for residential or commercial real estate, Texas property tax loans are fast and effective. This is often the best way to get delinquent property tax help because it pays off all your debts immediately, allowing you to repay the loan on a timeline that works for your budget. That means you can get back to what’s important to you, whether it be spending time at home or running your business, without worrying about losing your property.

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