//Property Tax Payment Options in Texas

Property Tax Payment Options in Texas

As a result of the pandemic housing market boom that saw many Texas property appraisal values increase, you may be seeking information about property tax payment options. If an increase in property taxes has you worried because money is tight, or you’re wondering about the best way to pay property taxes, you’ve come to the right place.


First, some good news. Texas state law prohibits the taxable value of a residence homestead from rising more than 10% a year. So even Texans who saw their home values increase by over 50% (looking at you, Travis County) can rest assured that there is a limit.


Regardless, budgets are tight for most of us, so whether you need help paying property taxes in full or want to request a property tax payment plan, Tax Ease has information and resources for all types of help paying property taxes in Texas.

Property Tax Payment Options

How Are Property Taxes Paid in Texas?

Property taxes are paid the same way they are assessed, levied and spent – locally. Here is how paying property taxes in Texas works:

  1. Each of Texas’ 254 counties has a county appraisal district that determines the fair market value of every property in the county.
  2. Local taxing units like counties, cities, school districts and special districts set a tax rate based on their annual budget. Local taxing units can contract with the county tax assessor-collector’s office or the appraisal district to collect property taxes on their behalf.

The Texas Property Tax Code outlines what is required and what is allowed by counties. So, if you’re wondering how to pay property taxes in Texas, it depends on what county you call home, even if it’s permissible by Texas law.

Here at TaxEase, we recommend starting with your county’s appraisal district. It handles property tax exemptions – and in Texas, there are many. Plus, you can find information on property tax payment options specific to your county.

Can I Pay My Taxes in Installments?

Installments are a property tax payment option in Texas but are not available to everyone.

The Texas Property Tax Code ensures that those who qualify for a residence homestead exemption due to being disabled, 65 or older or a disabled veteran (or surviving spouse) may pay their property taxes in four installments.

The first payment is due by January 31st and must accompany written notice that the property owner is paying in installments. The subsequent payment deadlines are March 31st, May 31st and July 31st.

Some counties allow split payments. Rather than one payment due by January 1st, half the payment is due November 30th, and the other half is due June 30th. Check with your county’s tax collector to see if a split payment is an option where you own property.

Can I Pay My Taxes in Installments If They Are Delinquent?

The Texas Property Tax Code requires that property tax collectors offer installment agreements to delinquent taxpayers. Although entering into an installment agreement halts accruing charges and protects you from losing your property, be warned that these property tax payment plans are strict. If you fail to meet any of the terms, all penalties are reinstated, and you may not enter into another agreement for two years.

For this reason, many delinquent taxpayers seek other forms of Texas property tax relief, like property tax loans.

The Best Way to Pay Property Taxes When You Need Help: Property Tax Loans

Many Texas taxpayers have discovered that Texas property tax loans are the best way to pay property taxes that are delinquent or soon will be.

Whether you need residential property tax loans or commercial property tax loans, options for property tax loans in Texas are available to most taxpayers and allow you to pay off your tax bill in full with payment arrangements that fit your finances.

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