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Get Texas Property Tax Relief In Five Easy Steps

When property taxes are looming over your head, it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one feeling the strain. But in 2018, single-family homeowners paid a total of $304.6 billion in property taxes, a 4% increase from $293.4 billion in 2017. You’re definitely not alone when it comes to owing delinquent property taxes in Texas. You’re also not alone in the process for finding relief from tax debt.

People across Texas are dealing with late property taxes. And in their struggle, interest and fees are piling up and the possibility of losing their homes or businesses is starting to become more of a reality. But all of that doesn’t have to happen.

Since our start in 2003, Tax Ease has helped residential and commercial property owners in Texas save their homes, businesses and even their livelihoods. With hassle-free property tax financing and three locations in Dallas, McAllen and Houston, we make it easier for people to get the assistance they need so they can pay Texas property taxes.

Why You Can Trust Us For Property Tax Help

Besides being in the industry for a while, there are a number of reasons why you can rely on Tax Ease.

Your Location Isn’t A Problem

Even though we mentioned Dallas, Houston, and McAllen earlier, our services aren’t limited to those areas. Our team of tax lenders has the ability to meet you anywhere in the state. If you’re interested in working with us, your location isn’t an issue.

We’ll Work With You From Start To Finish

Another upside to letting Tax Ease assist you with delinquent property taxes is that we don’t outsource our services. From the application process to repayment, everything originates and ends with us. This way, we can ensure that you’re getting the assistance you need along with superior customer service.

We’re Fast And Affordable

Some Texas property tax relief providers charge fees for their services. Others might even charge you just to apply. At Tax Ease, we do things a little differently. There are no initial costs and we don’t charge an application fee. What we will do is review your application quickly and thoroughly. And after approval, we’ll keep your financial circumstances in mind as we develop a repayment plan that meets your needs.

You’re Five Steps Away From Getting Assistance With Your Delinquent Property Taxes

Tax Ease makes the process for securing Texas property tax relief simple. If we made things too complex, we wouldn’t have “ease” in our name. Applying for help with property taxes is easy. In fact, here’s how it all works.

Step One: Fill Out An Application Online Or Call Us

The application doesn’t take long to complete. You can either fill one out online, or you can call us and have one of our experienced loan officers walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

Step Two: We’ll Get The Information We Need To Make A Decision

If you think your credit score might affect your chances of getting a property tax loan, think again. Our decisions are not based on credit. After our team gets the information they need regarding your property, you’re essentially pre-approved.

Step Three: We’ll Work With You To Develop A Reasonable Payment Plan

What’s the sense in applying for assistance if your repayment terms are unreasonable? Tax Ease offers some of the lowest Texas property tax loan rates in the industry our payment plans are very budget-conscious. We’ll work with you to arrive at an amount that won’t put even more of a strain on your finances.

Step Four: We’ll Deliver The Loan Documents To You

After you’re approved, you don’t have to worry about coming to us to finalize the property loan documents. We’ll deliver them to you so you can sign them whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.

Step Five: We’ll Pay Your Property Taxes

You won’t have to worry about the interest that’s collecting by the day or the threat of foreclosure. We’ll cover your tax debt in full. We’ll also send you a welcome letter with all the information you will need regarding your loan terms and the repayment process.

Let Tax Ease Assist You With Your Texas Property Taxes

If you’re ready to take the next step, apply for assistance from Tax Ease today. Unlike other providers of property tax payment loans, we’ll help you find a solution that best meets your needs. Get back on your feet in no time with a property tax loan from Tax Ease. If you have questions about us or our repayment plans, contact us today.

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