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Residential Property Tax Loans

Property Taxes in Texas

Property taxes in the state of Texas accrue one time each year. The last day to pay your property taxes before penalty and interest are applied is January 31st.

Beginning February 1st, penalties and interest accrue monthly until the taxes are paid in full. There is a lien on your home at this point, and only full payment will extinguish it.

What are Property Tax Loans and where does Tax Ease come in?

Where does Tax Ease come in? Whether you are a homeowner who needs to use their funds for major home repairs or a business owner who needs to protect their operating capital a Tax Ease property tax loan is all you need.

After one of our loan officers has walked you through the process and the loan processing is finished, we pay your property taxes in full. Even if you have years and year built up we pay them in full. All interest and penalties that may have accrues will cease to accrue and will be paid off. From that point on all need to do is stick with the payment plan our team builds for you.

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