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Property Tax Financing

Taxes can break the bank sometimes. It’s not uncommon for people to need financial assistance when tax season rolls around or when they miss a deadline. If you own property, you know how complicated and financially daunting property tax financing can be. However, with Tax Ease, you can be sure that your taxes are paid on time with a payment plan that best suits you.

What Are Property Taxes?

Property taxes are payments made on property that a person or business owns. The local government calculates this tax and typically bases it on the value of the property and land — and sometimes personal property.

The amount you owe for your property taxes can change each year and depends on a variety of factors, such as:

  • The market values of other properties around yours
  • The types of school districts nearby
  • Changes in state and federal aid
  • Noticeable improvements in your area
  • Tax increment financing involved in the local school and government projects after predicted revenue
  • State and federal mandates

Help with Delinquent Property Taxes

If you own a piece of property, such as a home or commercial building, you are required to pay property taxes. If you miss the deadline to pay, you will receive a penalty fine. These unpaid taxes are termed delinquent property taxes and can result in hefty extra payments that you do not want to be responsible for.

It’s always wise to pay what you owe in the correct amount as soon as possible to prevent dreaded tax penalties or something potentially worse, like an IRS audit.

Usually, if the grace period passes and you still haven’t paid, you will be charged interest on your unpaid balance. If you still don’t pay, your county has the power to seize your property in a legal claim known as a tax lien. Fortunately, you can avoid this with property tax financing from Tax Ease!

How Does Property Tax Financing Work with Tax Ease?

Our process is fast and straightforward. Just fill out an application online or call our office and talk to one of our representatives. From there, our underwriting team will collect some information from you, review and approve your application.

After we know your income level, we help determine the best payment plan for your budget, and you sign off on the documents. Then we pay your taxes in full, so you don’t have to stress about them any longer!

You don’t have to wait to get the property tax financing you need now. Tax Ease loans are an inexpensive, stress-free option that won’t damage your credit score or run you dry. Whether you own a company building or a home, you can benefit from a property tax loan.

Leave Your Property Taxes to the Experts

Here at Tax Ease, we take the burden of property taxes off your shoulders no matter your situation. Whether you’re a brand new homeowner or have owned the same home or commercial building for 50 years, our team of property tax financing specialists will ensure that you enjoy the most affordable rates with a plan tailored to your needs.

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Get Property Tax Financing From Tax Ease

Did you miss the deadline to pay your property taxes? Are you overwhelmed and aren’t sure what steps you need to take? No need! As a Texas property tax financing institution, Tax Ease is ready to eliminate your worries and offer the best tax service in the state. We’re flexible, affordable, quick and reliable.

Contact us today through our website or by calling (888) 743-7993 to speak with a friendly team member at one of our convenient locations in Dallas, McAllen or Houston, Texas.

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