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Bexar County Delinquent Property Taxes

Unfortunately, when it comes to delinquent property taxes, Texas still does everything bigger — Bexar County is no exception. Covering San Antonio, Texas and surrounding cities, Bexar County property taxes are even higher than the already-high state average. The Alamo isn’t the only thing residents have to remember — they have to make sure they get their payments in on time, too! While they might prefer shopping at The Rim or exploring the area’s excellent culinary options, forgetting to pay Bexar County property taxes on time can be detrimental. You might not wind up on KSAT or in the county sheriff’s department, but you’ll definitely rack up penalties and interest, and you could lose your property. Read on to find out what you need to know to avoid Bexar County delinquent property taxes.

Bexar County Property Tax Rate Information

As mentioned, the average Bexar County property tax rate is a bit higher than that of the state, sitting at 1.99%. However, the city of San Antonio (which accounts for a large portion of Bexar County and is one of the biggest cities in Texas) has an average rate of 2.74%. That means most of Bexar’s residents are paying a pretty penny for their property taxes, along with a levy to fund Emergency Services Districts.

Comparatively, the overall Bexar County property tax rate is close to Dallas County and a tad lower than Harris County, but again, it can differ by city.

How the Bexar County Property Tax Rate Is Determined

The Bexar Appraisal District appraises all the real estate and business properties in the area. Then, individual jurisdictions set a rate that aligns with their yearly budgets (based on factors like public schools and services). The Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office then handles the collecting for each jurisdiction. Additionally, the Tax Assessor’s own assessment must line up with what was determined by the appraisal district and the jurisdiction.

Bexar County Property Tax Due Dates

Residents can make a Bexar County property tax payment starting on October 1, the date by which they all should have received an official written statement. However, note that your taxes are still due even if you didn’t get a written statement — in fact, that changes nothing. Bexar residents can always look up their information online via the Tax Assessor-Collector’s website. Your final Bexar County property tax payment is due by January 31 of the following year.

If you miss the due date (and haven’t made proper arrangements), as of February 1, you’ll owe Bexar County delinquent property taxes, and the penalties and interest will start to pile up.

How to Pay Bexar County Property Taxes

There are numerous ways to pay Bexar County property taxes. We’ve listed the most prominent options below:

  • You can pay in-person at the Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office. However, note that outside factors may pose limitations on this (e.g., as of this writing, the coronavirus pandemic has affected operations).
  • You can pay Bexar County property taxes online via credit card or electronic check.
  • You can pay by phone with your bank or credit card information.

Owing Bexar County Delinquent Property Taxes

When you owe delinquent property taxes in Bexar County, it’s not merely the overdue amount you have to pay. Consider the following:

  • Penalties and interest will continue to accrue, as illustrated in our property tax penalty chart.
  • A tax lien is placed on every Bexar resident’s property on January 1 to ensure that they are liable regarding delinquent payments — the only way to remove the lien is to pay your property taxes.
  • If you remain in delinquency, the tax lien will stay, and your property could eventually be sold in a public sale conducted by the Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office.

Getting Help with Property Taxes in Bexar County

There are a few forms of property tax relief available in Bexar County:

  • Residents can seek exemptions, the most common of which is a residence homestead exemption (other options exist based on age, veteran status, disability, etc.).
  • It is free to apply for a homestead exemption, but there is no guarantee you’ll be approved.
  • You can also apply for a 10-month, quarterly or half payment plan, but these are also subject to certain criteria.
  • There are deadlines to apply for a payment plan, and this information should be available on the back of your written statement.
  • Military tax deferrals are available for active duty service members.

The Tax Assessor-Collector’s website offers more information about Bexar County tax relief options.

What If I Don’t Qualify for Tax Relief in Bexar County?

If you might owe Bexar County delinquent property taxes but don’t qualify for assistance, there is still hope. Even in Bexar County, Texas property tax loans are likely the most effective option for settling your debts. Lucky for you, Tax Ease knows a lot about that!

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Don’t Let Bexar County Delinquent Property Taxes Get You Down — Tax Ease Can Help!

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