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Texas Property Tax Loans By County

TaxEase offers property tax loans in every county in the Great State of Texas. Even though property taxes are essential to our school systems and other local services, we all know how debilitating paying them can be. Leave it to TaxEase to bring you peace of mind. We’ll pay your property taxes and any outstanding delinquent charges. Then, we’ll set up a convenient, affordable plan for you to pay us back over time. It really is that simple! Use the interactive map and the chart below that shows the state of Texas property tax rates by counties to learn more and get started.

Interactive County Map

We’ve laid out all the counties in Texas. Locate your county on the map below. Then, click on the space to learn more about the property taxes in your county. Wondering if there are any Texas cities with no property tax? Unless the property you own is in Stafford, you have to pay property taxes. Tax revenue is collected in Collin County and Travis County, from Houston to Dallas to Austin, TX, and everywhere in between.  However, there are some Texas property tax exemptions. If you’re over 65 years old or legally disabled, check with your tax preparer before proceeding.