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Loans for Property Taxes In Texas:
Solutions for Property Owners

If you own residential or commercial property in Texas, you may qualify for loans for property taxes to be paid in full.

Texas property tax loans are a great way to help pay tax debt. Loans for property taxes can pay current and delinquent taxes without hurting your credit. You can stop penalties and fees from accruing and remove the tax lien from your property with a Texas property tax loan.

Loans for Property Taxes In Texas

Types of Loans for Property Taxes Available in Texas

Tax Ease offers different types of loans for property taxes for different types of Texas property owners.

Residential Loans for Property Taxes

Many homeowners need more time to pay their tax bills. They don’t need the monthly fees and penalties that come with property tax delinquency. Delinquent taxes also result in a tax lien being placed on your property. If you don’t qualify for a tax exemption, such as a homestead exemption or one for disabled veterans, a Texas property tax loan might be the best option to pay your property tax bill in full, eliminating the stress of debt.

Residential property tax loans in Texas can pay off your tax debt when you’re low on cash, and Tax Ease offers quick turnaround and custom payment plans.

Commercial Loans for Property Taxes

Texas business owners owe property taxes on real and personal property. Personal property is tangible property like raw materials, supplies and equipment. Texas is one of less than ten states that fully taxes inventories, a practice that creates a significant tax burden for Texas businesses. Furthermore, the business personal property tax exemption is only $500, a dollar amount unchanged since it was set in 1997. If you are having trouble paying your business property taxes, a Texas property tax loan may be the answer for you.

Is your commercial property income-focused? If so, it is likely eligible for a Texas property tax loan. Is your property agricultural? Owner-occupied? We can help.

Contact Tax Ease to learn more about commercial loans for property taxes and how fast and easy it is to apply.

Loans for Property Taxes – Solutions for Small Business Owners & Property Investors

Whether you are an investor of multiple properties with a large tax bill looming or a small business owner trying to make payroll, Tax Ease has experience helping property owners like you pay their taxes with the help of property tax loans. Texas property owners have trusted the experts at Tax Ease for almost 20 years with loans for property taxes.

We make the process easy with quick financing and excellent customer service made possible through in-house operations – no outside brokers.

Find a Property Tax Lender You Can Trust

When looking for property tax lenders in Texas, experience and service set the best apart from the rest. At Tax Ease, we offer:

  • Free quotes
  • No fees
  • Easy application
  • 24-hour approval process
  • Customized payment plans
  • Fast closings
  • Ability to meet you anywhere in the state

The Texas Property Tax Loan Process, The Easy Way

At Tax Ease, you can be approved for a Texas property tax loan in just a few simple steps.

  1. Fill out our simple application. We verify your income to come up with a loan estimate for approval, so bad credit is not a problem.
  2. Upon approval of your Texas property tax loan, choose a payment plan that works for you.
  3. We will meet you anywhere in the state to get the loan documents signed.
  4. We pay your property taxes. Say goodbye to the worry of unpaid taxes!
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Get Started Today With Loans for Property Taxes From Tax Ease

While the tax rate in your county might be high, as a property owner, you have options. Loans for property taxes can protect your house or business from delinquency and ease your mind.

Our team of tax experts spans three offices over the state of Texas. Contact Tax Ease to find the Texas property tax loans right for you!

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