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Help With Delinquent Property Taxes

As the owner of a residential or commercial property in Texas, paying annual property taxes can be a large financial expense that leaves you feeling overwhelmed. And if the tax bill isn’t paid in time, you can accrue delinquent fees or receive a tax lien that places your property in the spotlight of foreclosure. If you’re in need of help with delinquent property taxes, don’t fret — Tax Ease has you covered. On this page, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Texas delinquent property tax laws to get started.

Delinquent Property Taxes in Texas

Every year, business and personal property owners across Texas receive a tax bill in the form of a percentage of their total property value. These property tax rates are determined at each county treasurer/tax collector office by a tax assessor who analyzes the area’s taxable real estate properties. For the most part, property taxes in Texas are larger than other states, and the average effective tax rate is 1.87% for the Lone Star State.

If you live somewhere in Kenedy, Ward or other Texas counties with the lowest property tax rates, your tax bill may be much lower than the state average. However, if you reside in Harris, Tarrant or one of the other Texas counties with the highest property tax rates, it’s likely that you’ll pay a hefty amount of money every year. Additionally, if you live in cities like San Antonio (Bexar County) or Dallas (Dallas County) whose rates are 2.74% and 2.85%, respectively, ordinances and levies may raise your property tax bill even higher. Because these costs can become so large, some people default on their tax bill and must seek out help with delinquent property taxes. If these individuals don’t pay off their bill by the deadline or receive financial assistance, they will rack up unnecessary late fees that make the debt unmanageable. And, if the account remains delinquent, the building can face potential foreclosure and be auctioned off for sale. That’s why it’s important to get property tax help immediately.

Texas Delinquent Property Tax Laws

Each year, tax bills are sent out to residents of Texas around October. By January 31st (the Texas property tax due date) of the next year, bills must be paid in full. Otherwise, you’ll receive a fine that is 7% of your total tax bill on February 1st to pay in addition to your outstanding balance. Unfortunately, these Texas delinquent property tax penalties add up over time, so it’s crucial that you reach out to Tax Ease quickly if you need help paying property taxes.

If you don’t pay delinquent property taxes or request some form of delinquent property tax help by July 1st, you’ll then receive a 20% collection fee which is added to everything you owe. Under Texas delinquent property tax laws, your property is then subjected to foreclosure through a lien which must be settled ASAP. If you fail to pay back your debt at this point, your property could be foreclosed upon.

Delinquent Property Tax Help from Tax Ease

Whether you’re a couple months behind on your delinquent property taxes or facing foreclosure, Tax Ease offers tremendous help with delinquent property taxes. Through our services, we offer both commercial and residential loans to help you become debt-free and prevent issues with the IRS. Our delinquent property tax loans provide full coverage of the tax bill and offer a flexible payment schedule to provide help with property taxes.

How to Receive Help With Delinquent Property Taxes

If you need help paying property taxes, our loan process is quick and simple. Follow the steps shown below and you’ll receive delinquent property tax help in no time.

  1. Fill out and complete an application for a loan online.
  2. Wait for our team to go over your provided personal information.
  3. Then, speak with our representatives to discuss the payment plan on your new, low-interest loan.
  4. We will settle your total bill and you’ll begin repayment with our lenders.
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Get Help Paying Property Taxes in Texas

When you receive your tax bill letter, don’t stress about what’s owed. Simply reach out to the team at Tax Ease if you need help paying property taxes through a loan. Throughout numerous years, we’ve covered Texas residents with top-notch solutions to make it easy for anybody to pay delinquent property taxes on time. Contact us with any questions you have or request a loan today!

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