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McLennan County Property Tax Loans

Located on the Edwards Plateau in central Texas, McLennan County has a population of 256,632 (as of 2019). McLennan County boasts many historic places, including Waco, Texas, once an outpost for Texas Rangers. Waco, the county seat and the largest city in McLennan County, has its own historic district. Named for Neil McLennan, an early settler, McLennan County was established in 1850. Like every county in Texas, there is a property tax in McLennan County. Knowing your tax liability is crucial. We’ll cover everything you need to know about county tax, what your property taxes are based on and how to avoid delinquent property tax charges. Read on to learn more and see how McLennan County property tax loans can help you pay what you owe.

What Is The Property Tax in McLennan County?

On average, McLennan County collects 1.62% in property taxes based on your property’s market value. If your home is valued at $100,000, your McLennan County property taxes should be about $1,620. Another way to look at this is, McLennan County residents pay about 2.95% of their annual income in property taxes. As a percentage of median income, property tax in McLennan County ranks 628th out of the 3,143 counties in the United States.

How is Property Assessed for Taxes?

The framework for local governments to levy and collect property taxes is driven by the Texas Tax Code. Overseen by the Chief Appraiser, a tax assessor’s job is to evaluate your property based on its features and the fair market value of other properties located in the same county appraisal district, less any tax exemptions or abatements attached to that property. There are property tax exemptions – some full, some partial, for qualifying taxpayers. For example, if you’re over 65 or disabled, you may be entitled to savings on your Property Tax in McLennan County. The final value is determined by the assessor; a collector must then be contacted to pay the property tax.

Does Texas Have a Property Tax in Every County?

Yes, and the state average is 1.81%. McLennan County is a little below that at 1.59%. Several other counties have it worse than McLennan. The county with the highest property taxrate in Texas is Fort Bend. Their rate is 2.23%. They’re followed closely by Webb and El Paso Counties, both at 2.22%; Tarrant County at 2.16% and Harris County with a property tax rate of 2.09%

Counties with a lower tax rate than McLennan include Borden County, at .34%. They’re the lowest in the state. Topping out the list are Ward, Glasscock, Kendy and Crockett, all with a property tax rate of .80% or less.

While you may feel crunched when you think about your property tax responsibility, just keep in mind that Texans don’t pay income taxes, and you know the money’s going to come from your pocket one way or another. A big positive about property taxes is they’re used in McLennan County to fund schools and community services in your neighborhood.

How to Pay Your Property Tax in McLennan County

How much you owe on your McLennan County property taxes is easy to determine. You can find your property tax balance by visiting the McLennan County Tax Office. There are plenty of other resources to help you with your property tax in McLennan County:

  • Property tax exemptions: Are you eligible for property tax exemptions? Applications may be accepted for:
    • 1. Residence homesteads
    • 2. Those age 65 or older or disabled
    • 3. Veterans
    • 4. Assessed clean energy devices (solar or wind-powered), including those involved in the PACE Program
    • 5. Charitable organizations
  • Property tax law deadlines: When do you need to pay your property tax in McLennan County?
  • Tax Office & Assessor: A wealth of information about McLennan County property taxes is at your fingertips

Delinquent Property Tax Penalties in McLennan County

January 31st is when property taxes are due in Texas. If you don’t file your property tax, McLennan County will start to charge you delinquency fees after that date. Penalties and late fees can add up quickly, and if you don’t square things with the tax office, you could even lose your property – they have the authority to put a lien on your property if your McLennan County taxes haven’t been paid in full.

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