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El Paso County Property Taxes

There’s nothing fun about paying property taxes. El Paso County residents, just like individuals who reside in other areas of Texas, must pay these fees to avoid any issues. Although tax bills are fairly high in El Paso County, delinquent property taxes can be even more costly in the long run. Even worse, a failure to pay can result in a tax lien that can lead to a potential foreclosure. If you’re unfamiliar with the El Paso property tax rate, don’t let yourself fall behind on payments. Read on to get all the information you need about the property tax in El Paso County.

What Percentage is the El Paso County Property Tax?

If you’re unfamiliar with property tax, you should understand how it’s calculated. Whether you live in Dallas, Denton or El Paso, property taxes are calculated by analyzing the appraisal district’s real estate and taxable personal property. With help from one or more tax assessor’s expertise, the county is able to set the percentage for property taxes. El Paso County has an average effective property tax rate of 2.22%.

Although the average rate is set at 2.22%, tax bills can still vary for each specific city. These can be affected by various levies or ordinances that are in place. For instance, in Tarrant County, the city of Mansfield is 2.47% which is more than the 2.16% average of the county.

How Do El Paso County Property Taxes Compare?

El Paso County property taxes are much pricier than the state’s average of 1.83%. In fact, El Paso County holds one of the highest property tax rates in Texas. Even if homes have a median value of only $116,600, the large property taxes are determined by the significant cost of living in the county which is exponentially higher than much of the country. Compared to the rest of the state, El Paso County is tied with Webb County and just shy of Fort Bend County’s 2.23% tax rate, but still more expensive than the following counties:

You might be wondering why El Paso County property taxes (as well as many other counties in Texas) are so high. Believe it or not, Texas property tax rates are much higher than other states, even if 1.83% is a moderately set average. This is for one major reason — residents of Texas do not pay individual state income taxes.

When Do You Need to Pay Your El Paso County Property Tax?

Your El Paso County property tax is due after you get your tax bill around October. Once you receive this, you will need to pay your full amount by January 31st of the following year. This is the standard rule for when Texas property taxes are due, whether you live in Dallas County or El Paso County. Delinquent property taxes occur the moment you miss

Incurring Delinquent El Paso County Property Tax Fees

If you reside in El Paso County, delinquent property taxes will take effect if you don’t pay your tax bill by the deadline. This includes cities and towns within the area ranging from Horizon City to downtown El Paso. These tax penalties start off at a large fee of 7% of your total tax bill, regardless of whether you own a residential or commercial property. Unfortunately, this number will continue to accrue, and if you don’t pay by July 1st, you will also be required to pay an additional 20% collection fee.

Exemptions for El Paso County Property Taxes

There are some exemptions in place for El Paso County property taxes. However, this depends on your specific circumstance. For instance, while there is a homestead exemption provided to all homeowners, individuals who are over 65 qualify for even more exemptions. Be sure to explore these guidelines to determine your eligibility.

What Happens if You Don’t Pay Your El Paso Property Tax?

If you refuse to pay your El Paso County delinquent property taxes, this can lead to a tax lien. Once your property receives a tax lien, this enables the bank to start the foreclosure process on your property if you continue to neglect payment. And, once your property is foreclosed on, your tax deed can be auctioned off.

How To Pay El Paso County Property Taxes

Your El Paso County property tax can be paid in a variety of ways, either in person at one of the tax offices, over the phone, by mail or online through the El Paso Tax Assessor/Collector website. These include the following payment methods:

  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Visa
  • Checks or e-Checks

To prevent property tax delinquency, mailed payments must be postmarked by January 31st. Additionally, there is a 1.98% convenience fee for credit or debit card payments.

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