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Jefferson County Property Tax Loans

Located in the Gulf Prairie (or Coastal Plain) region of southeast Texas, Jefferson County was established in 1837 when Texas became an independent republic. Named for Thomas Jefferson, the county has a population of 251,565 (as of 2019). Beaumont is the Jefferson County seat and home to the county courthouse.

While it’s not the most prosperous county on the map, the Jefferson County property tax may still seem high. The good news is, as far as property tax, Jefferson County can typically collect over 98% of their total tax roll. But if you’re not among those whose taxes are current, you could quickly find yourself in a tough situation. Fortunately, help is near at hand. Read on to learn more and find out how Jefferson County property tax loans can help you pay your tax debt.

What Is The Jefferson County Property Tax Rate?

The average property tax rate in Jefferson County, Texas is 1.59%. This rate is applied to the assessed fair market value of your property. For example, on a home valued at $100,000, a tax calculator would set your Jefferson County property taxes at $1,590. Just to give you an idea of the big picture, residents of Jefferson County pay about 2.56% of their yearly income in property taxes.

How Does Jefferson County Compare To Other Texas Counties?

The average property tax rate in Texas is 1.81%. Jefferson County, with a property tax rate of 1.59%, is actually below the state average. The county with the lowest property tax rate is Borden County at .34%. The other states with the lowest property taxes as of 2020 are:

  • Ward (.51%)
  • Glasscock (.55%)
  • Kenedy (.73%)
  • Crockett (.80%)

On the other end of the scale, Fort Bend County, at 2.23%, has the highest property tax rate in the state. Other high-ranking counties include:

One more fun fact: Comparing the property taxes as a percentage of median income, Jefferson County property taxes rank 913th of 3,143 counties across the United States. The one upside here is that, unlike many states, Texans pay no income tax.

How to Pay Jefferson County Property Taxes

There are several resources to help you determine how much you owe on your Jefferson County property taxes, where to go to pay your property taxes and how your local government assessed the value of your home to determine how much you owe. Here are a few places to go for information:

  • Where do you go for locations, hours and contact information regarding your Jefferson County property tax records? Visit the Jefferson County Tax Assessor-Collector.
  • To find your balance and make a Jefferson County property tax payment, visit the Jefferson County Property Tax Look-up search page.
  • Payment options and other resources are available here.
  • To learn more about appraisal basics or to contest the tax assessor’s real estate value of your home, visit the Jefferson Central Appraisal District.
  • To read about state tax law, go to the Texas Comptroller.
  • For information about your property deed, check with the County Clerk’s Office.

Jefferson County Delinquent Tax List: 2020 & Beyond

This is one list you do not want to be on. If by January 31st you don’t pay your property taxes, Jefferson County starts adding delinquent charges to what you owe. Late fees and penalties will begin to accrue and continue to propel you into debt unless you are able to pay off the total amount you owe. If you don’t pay, a tax lien could be placed on your property. Make sure you keep track of the Jefferson County property tax due dates!

Jefferson County Property Tax Loans Are Available

A tax loan is a quick and simple way to pay off delinquent Jefferson County property taxes. Tax Ease is a seasoned, qualified lender. This 5-step application process enables Texas taxpayers to get a Jefferson County Property Tax Loan so they can pay off their taxes and sleep at night!

  • 1. The taxpayer completes an online loan application.
  • 2. Our expert team reviews their property income.
  • 3. We’ll create a payment plan that works.
  • 4. We’ll close on the loan.
  • 5. The Jefferson County delinquent taxes will be paid in full.
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Count on Tax Ease for Jefferson County Property Tax Loans That Work For You

With penalties accruing day after day during delinquency, you need help fast. Tax Ease can bring relief with Jefferson County Property Tax Loans that pay your bills for you. Turn to Tax Ease and contact us to get started today!

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