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Wichita County Property Tax Loans

Wichita County, Texas, property taxes may be among the lowest in the state – but that’s little consolation if you’re unable to pay. Fortunately, property tax assistance is available to avoid or end property tax delinquency, and most people qualify.

Whether you’re facing a tax bill you can’t pay or want to learn more about your local property taxes, Tax Ease is here to help. Keep reading to find tax information specific to Wichita County, including how Wichita County property tax loans can provide relief if you need it.

Wichita County Property Tax Loans

The Wichita County Property Tax System

Like all 254 counties in Texas, Wichita County adheres to a property tax system required by Texas law. In addition to property owners, the Wichita County property tax system is administered by the following parties:

  • Wichita Appraisal District (WAD). The WAD appraises property values for all properties in the county and administers property tax exemptions.
  • Appraisal Review Board (ARB). The ARB is a judge-appointed, impartial and trained panel of citizens authorized to settle disputes between property owners and the appraisal district. Taxpayers have the right to appeal an ARB decision.
  • Taxing Units. Property taxes are based on the needs of local governments, or taxing units. Wichita County has 12 taxing units, which include the county, cities and school districts.
  • Wichita County Tax Assessor-Collector. Some Wichita County taxing units contract with the county tax assessor-collector’s office to collect property taxes on their behalf.

The Wichita County Property Tax Cycle

Most Texas counties adhere to the same schedule of property tax activities, and Wichita County is no exception. There are four phases in the annual Texas tax calendar:

  1. January 1 – May 15. In the Appraisal Phase, the WAD appraises all property in the county and sends notices of appraised value to property owners. The appraisal district also processes exemption applications during this time. On May 15, the ARB receives the county’s appraisal record.
  2. May 15 – July 25. During the Equalization Phase, the ARB conducts hearings to resolve property tax disputes and approves appraisal records.
  3. July 25 – October 1. The Assessment Phase begins when taxing units receive the certified appraisal roll. Each taxing unit makes its annual budget and sets a tax rate to meet it. Tax bills are sent beginning October 1.
  4. October 1 – January 31. Your Wichita County property tax bill needs to be paid in full by the end of the Collection Phase. Penalties and interest begin to accrue on February 1.

The Wichita County Property Tax Rate

As noted, Wichita County has 12 taxing units. The taxing units you pay property taxes to depend on the location of your property. Let’s take a closer look at how the total Wichita County property tax rate breaks down.

Wichita County Taxing Units

The Wichita County, Texas, property tax rate is 0.64. If you live in one of the four larger cities in the county, you will also have to pay a city tax.

  1. City of Wichita Falls. 0.76
  2. City of Burkburnett. 0.71
  3. City of Iowa Park. 0.74
  4. City of Electra. 0.66

Smaller cities don’t have a city tax, but no matter where in the county your property resides, you owe property taxes to the local independent school district (ISD).

You may also owe Wichita County property taxes to the county’s one special district, Electra Hospital District, which has a tax rate of 0.37.

In addition to Wichita Falls, City View, Electra and Holliday ISDs, the Wichita County Tax Assessor-Collector’s office collects property taxes for the county, the cities of Wichita Falls, Burkburnett and Electra, and the Electra hospital district. Contact the other taxing units directly if you have questions about tax rates or tax bills.

Wichita County Delinquent Taxes

It’s important to get help with property taxes in Texas before becoming delinquent. In most cases, on February 1, unpaid tax bills increase by 7% and continue to accrue by an additional 2% each month through June.

On July 1, penalty and interest fees total 18%, and unpaid accounts are referred to tax attorneys who can charge an additional 20% penalty. That’s an overnight 41% increase to your Wichita County delinquent taxes. Over time, the tax lien on a property can lead to foreclosure and seizure.

What to Do If You Can’t Pay Your Wichita County Property Taxes

Even if you don’t have the money to pay your property taxes before they are due, you can stop your tax bill from becoming more expensive with a Wichita County property tax loan from Tax Ease.

Property tax loans are quick and flexible. We create a payment plan that works with your finances, and most people are approved in less than a day. Plus, there’s no credit check required.

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