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Waller County Property Tax Loans

Just outside of Houston, Waller County, Texas, property owners can enjoy the slower pace of rural living while still having access to big city conveniences. What they probably don’t enjoy is paying Waller County property taxes.

Despite higher-than-average property taxes, with no state income tax, Texas is still pretty tax-friendly — and property tax help is available if you need it. Did you know that Waller County property tax loans are an option to pay your property taxes in Waller County? Keep reading for property tax information specific to Waller County, and see how you can get the help you need from Tax Ease.

Waller County Property Tax Loans

Waller County Property Tax Information

In Texas, property tax revenues fund local government, school districts and other special districts, meaning your Waller County property taxes pay for fire and police protection, water and utility systems and many more community services. The Texas Property Tax Code (TPTC) regulates property taxes across all counties in the Lone Star State. Here’s a brief overview of how it works:

  • Each county has a county appraisal district (CAD) that determines property values and administers property tax exemptions – Waller CAD doesn’t set tax rates, assess properties or collect your property taxes. All Texas property owners have the right to protest the appraised value of their property.
  • Taxing units, or individual local governments, make a yearly budget that determines the tax rate they set.
  • Taxing units, or the local county tax assessor-collector acting on their behalf, send out tax bills and collect taxes. Your Waller County property tax collection is a mix, with some taxing units handling their own and others using the Waller County Tax Office, located in Hempstead, TX.

Waller County Property Tax Rate: 2021

As of 2021, the Waller County property tax rate is 0.60%, but that’s just the beginning of your Waller County property tax bill. The county is only one taxing unit. Your property taxes are a combination of all the taxing units that have jurisdiction at your property’s address.

In a rural county like Waller, you may or may not have to pay a city tax, and many other county municipalities need funding. No matter where you are on the map, the lion’s share of your Waller County property taxes goes to local school districts.

Waller County Taxing Units

Below is a list of all the taxing units that have jurisdiction within Waller County. As previously mentioned, some Waller County property taxes are collected by the Waller County tax office, while others must be contacted directly for information.


  • Prairie View 0.73
  • Brookshire 0.64
  • Hempstead* 0.56
  • Waller 0.72

Independent School Districts (ISDs):

  • Katy ISD 1.35
  • Hempstead ISD* 1.15
  • Waller ISD 1.32
  • Royal ISD* 1.31

Special Districts:

  • Fort Bend-Waller Counties MUD #2
  • Willow Point MUD
  • Fort Bend – Waller Counties MUD #3
  • Fulshear MUD #3A
  • Harris-Waller Counties MUD #2
  • Harris-Waller Counties MUD #3
  • Willow Creek Farms MUD
  • Brookshire-Katy Drainage District*
  • Waller County Improvement District #2
  • Waller County RD #1
  • Brookshire Municipal Water District
  • Waller-Harris ESD* #200
  • Waller County MUD #9B
  • Waller County MUD #33
  • Waller County MUD #18
  • Harris-Waller Counties MUD #5
  • Waller County MUD #37

*Waller County tax office collects

Waller County Delinquent Taxes

Your Waller County property tax bill is delinquent beginning February 1st. Delinquent penalties plus interest charges begin to accrue immediately. Every month, these fees increase until they reach 12% each. Penalty charges increase faster than interest charges, so by July 1st, they are already at 12%.

Accumulating delinquency charges will only stop when you pay the total amount owed. If you are facing Waller County delinquent taxes, it’s a good idea to get a Waller County property tax loan before entering property tax delinquency so that you can avoid the penalties and fees.

Get Help With a Waller County Property Tax Loan

It’s easy to apply for Waller County, Texas property tax loans with Tax Ease. Just fill out our online loan application. There’s no credit check, and most people are approved within 24 hours.

We work with you to create a payment plan you can afford. Plus, we will come to you anywhere in Texas to sign the paperwork.

A Waller County property tax loan from Tax Ease is the fastest and easiest way to prevent or end property tax delinquency.

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