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Taylor County Property Tax Loans

As a property owner in Taylor County, there’s much to enjoy about life in west central Texas, except maybe a late summer heatwave–or paying Taylor County property taxes. Yes, Texas property taxes are high, but fortunately, Texans’ overall tax burden is low, and property tax help is available with Taylor County property tax loans. We’re here with information on property taxes specific to Taylor County and how to get tax assistance if you need it.

Taylor County Property Tax Loans

Taylor County Property Tax

Texas doesn’t have a state income tax, and most of its residents wouldn’t have it any other way – maybe you were one of the Texans who successfully voted for a constitutional ban on the individual income tax in 2019. Either way, no income tax means your Taylor County property tax is the largest source of funds to pay for local public schools, roads, police and fire protection and many other community services.

Taylor County Property Tax Rate

Your Taylor County property tax rate is the combination of the individual tax rates for the various taxing entities, or taxing units, that have jurisdiction where your property is located. The taxing units in Taylor County are:

  • Taylor County. The Taylor property tax rate is 0.607.
  • Cities: Abilene, Buffalo Gap, Lawn, Merkel, Trent, Tuscola and Tye
  • Schools: Abilene, Eula, Jim Ned, Merkel, Trent and Wylie Independent School Districts
  • Tax Increment Finance (TIF) District. A TIF is a method to get funding for improvements that incentivize economic development.
  • Valley Creek Water Conservation District (WCD)
  • Lytle Lake Water Control and Improvement District (WCID)

Taylor County Property Tax: The Process

The Taylor County Central appraisal district ensures uniform appraisal as the Texas Constitution requires by assigning a single appraised value for your property. Your Taylor County property taxes are based on the current market value of your property on January 1 of the current year as determined by the appraisal district.

Each taxing unit listed above makes its budget and establishes its tax rate. Unlike in many other Texas counties, where the tax assessor-collector’s office collects property taxes, taxing units in Taylor County contract with the appraisal district to collect their property taxes.

Questions about appraisals, exemptions, market value protests or Taylor County property tax payments can be answered by the Taylor County appraisal district. For information about budgets and tax rates, contact the individual city, school district or special district directly.

What Happens If I Can’t Pay My Taylor County Property Taxes?

Property owners should receive their property tax bills in October, and they are due by January 31 of the following year. If you don’t pay your Taylor County property taxes by the deadline, you will enter property tax delinquency on February 1.

Penalties and interest charges begin to accrue immediately, and if you are still delinquent on July 1, you will be charged a hefty penalty. Taxing units may hire private attorneys to collect, charging an additional large penalty. In delinquency, a tax lien is placed against your property, putting you at risk of foreclosure.

If you are unable to pay your Taylor County property taxes, help is available. You can avoid or get out of tax delinquency with a Taylor County property tax loan from Tax Ease, one of Texas’ top property tax lenders.

Taylor County, Texas Property Tax Loans Made Easy

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