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Randall County Property Tax Loans

As a property owner in Randall County, Texas, you might dislike paying your Randall County property tax as much as you enjoy the canyon views. While it’s true that in the Great State of Texas, property taxes are higher than the national average, you can rest a little easier knowing assistance is available through Randall County property tax loans. Keep reading to get more information about Randall County property taxes and how to get help from Tax Ease.

Randall County Property Tax Loans

Randall County Property Tax

Not only does Texas have property tax, but it can also seem comparatively steep to other states. But did you know that the Texas Constitution bans a state income tax? That keeps your overall tax burden low and leaves your Randall County property tax as the primary source of funding for community services like law enforcement, fire protection, education and healthcare. Randall County property taxes are levied by local governments like the county, cities, school districts and various special-purpose districts. Let’s take a closer look.

Randall County Property Tax Rate

Taxing units, or jurisdictions, are the local entities that collect tax from property owners based on the fair market value of their property as determined by the county appraisal district. Each taxing unit sets its own tax rate every year after completing its budget. Your Randall County property tax rate is made up of the rates of the taxing jurisdictions specific to your property’s location. They include:

The Randall County Property Tax Process

First, the Potter-Randall Appraisal District determines a single appraised value for your property. All Randall County property taxes are based on this amount. The appraisal district sends notices of appraised value to property owners, which includes information on how to protest this amount through the Appraisal Review Board (ARB). After local taxing units adopt their tax rates, the Randall County Tax Assessor-Collector’s office begins sending tax bills on their behalf.

What Happens If I Can’t Pay My Randall County Property Tax Bill?

Randall County property taxes are typically due by January 31st, and property tax delinquency begins February 1st – penalties and accruing interest charges apply immediately.

If your Randall County property taxes remain unpaid on July 1st, you will be hit with a significant additional penalty. Furthermore, taxing jurisdictions may hire collection attorneys to recover delinquent accounts and can charge an additional 20% penalty.

As more time passes, tax delinquency gets more severe. Interest and penalties continue to accrue, delinquent taxpayers can be sued, and properties can be foreclosed or seized.

Randall County Property Tax Loans Can Help

If you can’t pay your Randall County property taxes, it’s important to get help right away to protect against loss of finances and property.

Fortunately, you can avoid or end property tax delinquency with a Randall County property tax loan from Tax Ease. We offer low interest rates and affordable payment plans that work with your budget. It’s simple to apply with our online loan application, and we don’t check credit.

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Get Help Today With a Randall County Property Tax Loan From Tax Ease

Once approved for a Randall County property tax loan, your tax bill is paid in full, preventing or ending accruing interest, penalties and fees and protecting your property from foreclosure or tax auction.

Since 2003, Tax Ease has been offering property tax loans to help Texans avoid property tax delinquency. With three offices in the state, we are Texans serving Texans – we will even come to you anywhere in the state to sign the paperwork.

Rest easy with Randall County property tax loans from Tax Ease!

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