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Midland County Property Tax Loans

You can find Midland County in west Texas, halfway between Fort Worth and El Paso, above a large oil field in the Permian Basin. Midland County is the top oil producer in Texas, but it’s not all big skies and long roads. If you own property in Midland County, you owe Midland, TX property taxes. Learn more about paying your tax bill, even if you’re delinquent, with the help of Midland County property tax loans from Tax Ease.

Midland County Property Tax

There is no income tax in Texas. In fact, in 2019, Texas voters banned the individual income tax through a constitutional amendment. With no state income tax, the money to support local institutions and services, such as schools, hospitals, water districts, fire and police protection, roads and many others, comes from sales tax and property tax. Even though Texans have lower overall taxes than most other states, with much higher than average property taxes, you’ll likely have to pay a hefty Midland County property tax bill — and face the possibility of delinquency if you don’t. Read more about Midland Texas property taxes and how Tax Ease can help you pay yours.

Comparing Midland, TX Property Tax Rate to Other Permian Basin Counties

There are 254 counties in Texas, and the good news is that Midland, TX property taxes are among the lowest property taxes in Texas. Here are the five lowest county tax rates of the Texas Permian Basin.

  • Borden 0.77%
  • Glasscock 0.40%
  • Midland 0.40%
  • Terrell 0.82%
  • Ward 0.72%

Even with the Midland County property tax rate averaging a low 0.40%, there are many reasons people fall behind on paying. Tax Ease can pay your Midland County delinquent property tax bill fast.

Ways to Lower Your Midland, TX Property Tax Bill

Not only does Texas have property tax, it is higher than most other states. Even so, Texas is considered tax-friendly, and Texans have options when it comes to lowering property taxes.

  • Property Tax Protest. The Midland Central Appraisal District first assesses property value according to the Texas Property Tax Code. Every May, a review board hears protests from property owners who believe their appraised property value is incorrect or other conditions failed as outlined in the tax code.
  • Exemptions. If your property is your primary residence, you may qualify for the homestead exemption, the most common tax exemption. Also, those who are over 65, disabled or disabled veterans may be eligible to reduce their Midland, Texas property taxes.
  • Rollback Election. Every year, each taxing jurisdiction, which includes education, health, county, city and utility services, sets and approves a budget as well as their effective and rollback tax rates. If the tax rate is higher than the rollback rate, a qualifying petition of 7-10% of registered voters, within 90 days, can decrease the rate.

Getting Midland County Property Tax Loans

Tax bills are due by January 31st every year. If you can’t pay this or previous years’ tax bills, Tax Ease can help. It’s easy. Fill out an application. Once approved for a Midland County property tax loan, Tax Ease will pay your taxes, immediately eliminating fees, penalties and charges which accrue from the moment you are late to the moment they are paid.

Where Your Midland, TX Property Taxes Go

Property taxes are based on several taxing jurisdictions. Understand where your tax money goes:

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For Midland County Property Tax Loans, Count on Tax Ease

With Midland County property tax loans, you can stop fees and interest charges — and protect your home. With three locations to serve you, we are Texans helping Texans. Contact us today to find out how easy it is to pay your Midland property taxes with Tax Ease.

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