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Liberty County Property Tax Loans

In the Lone Star State, halfway between Houston and Beaumont, lies Liberty County. Of all the things Liberty County homeowners like best about living in the coastal plains, paying Liberty County property taxes probably doesn’t make the list.

Your Liberty County property tax bill might seem high, but in Texas, the local services we all rely on are funded by property taxes. With no state income tax, Texas is considered a tax-friendly state – but that may be little consolation if you owe Liberty County delinquent taxes. You can rest easier knowing assistance is available. Tax Ease is here with what you need to know about paying your Liberty County property taxes and getting the help you need with Liberty County property tax loans.

Liberty County property tax loans

Liberty County Property Tax Information

If you know a few things about Texas, it’s no surprise the Texas Constitution and Texas Property Tax Code are written to keep your Liberty County property taxes local. Here is a quick overview of how the property tax system works:

  1. Each of Texas’ 254 counties has an appraisal district. The county appraisal district is responsible for setting the property values each year.
  2. Local taxing units — the county, city, school and special districts that provide essential community services like police and fire protection, public utilities and education — make a yearly budget and set a tax rate to meet that budget.
  3. An Appraisal Review Board (ARB) settles disputes between the appraisal district, the local taxing units and property owners.

The Liberty County Property Tax Rate

Liberty County is only one of many taxing units that make up the Liberty County, Texas, property tax rate. Your Liberty County property tax rate is unique to the location of your property. In addition to the county tax, there is also a city tax. For example, residents of Dayton will have to pay Dayton property taxes along with those imposed by Liberty County. Other cities in the county include:

  • Daisetta
  • Liberty
  • Ames
  • Dayton Lakes
  • Devers
  • City of Plum Grove

School districts in Texas receive most of their funding from local property taxes. The Independent School Districts (ISDs) in Liberty County are:

  • Cleveland ISD
  • Dayton ISD
  • Devers ISD
  • Hardin ISD
  • Hull-Daisetta ISD
  • Liberty ISD
  • Tarkington ISD

Several other county municipalities also need funding.

Your Liberty County Property Tax Bill: Payment & Questions

Whether you need information about your property tax bill or the Texas tax system, or you’re ready to pay your Liberty County property taxes, the following resources can help:

Liberty County Delinquent Taxes

Your Liberty County property tax bill is due no later than January 31st. On February 1st, fees, penalties and charges begin to accrue immediately.

If you are facing Liberty County delinquent taxes, you need to know you’ll continue accumulating debt until you pay off the total amount you owe. If you can’t pay your taxes on time, get a Liberty County property tax loan before entering property tax delinquency to avoid the penalties and fees.

Getting a Liberty County Property Tax Loan

We’ve made it simple to get Liberty County, Texas property tax loans — the fastest and easiest way to prevent or end property tax delinquency.

  1. Fill out an online loan application.
  2. Once approved, work with us to create a payment plan that fits your budget.
  3. Close on your loan. We will come to you anywhere in the state to get the paperwork signed.
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If you can’t make your Liberty County property tax payment, help is available. Escape the accruing penalties and charges of tax delinquency with a Liberty County property tax loan.

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