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Kaufman County Delinquent Property Taxes

East of Dallas, its southwest border defined by the Trinity River, lies Kaufman County. Property taxes in Kaufman County, like almost everywhere in Texas, are comparatively high to many other states. This is because there is no state income tax in Texas, leaving local governments dependent on property taxes for most of their funding.

Kaufman County property taxes are assessed and collected locally to fund community services spanning education, improvement projects and public utilities. This includes school districts, area revitalizations and water and sewage services.

If you own property in Kaufman County, delinquent property taxes may be a concern for you. If so, don’t worry. Tax Ease has you covered with the details on property taxes in Kaufman County – and property tax loan information should you need help paying your Kaufman County delinquent taxes.

Kaufman County Delinquent Property Taxes

Kaufman County Property Tax Rates

Many different types of local governments can tax your Kaufman County property. Tax rates vary depending on the taxing units which have jurisdiction at your property’s location within the county appraisal district.

For example, the average effective Kaufman County property tax rate is 0.461. However, each city or town in the county has its own tax rate.

These are some of the average Kaufman County property tax rates as of 2021:

  • Combine. 0.35
  • Crandall. 0.76
  • Forney. 0.501
  • Heath. 0.339
  • Kaufman. 0.799
  • Kemp. 0.742
  • Mabank. 0.425
  • Mesquite. 0.708
  • Oak Grove. 0.06
  • Oak Ridge. 0.13
  • Seagoville. 0.788
  • Talty. 0.24
  • Terrell. 0.764

Emergency service districts, county municipal utility districts, fresh water supply districts and school districts, including the Trinity Valley Community College District, are other taxing jurisdictions in Kaufman County which set their own tax rate.

Kaufman County Property Tax Exemptions

As a Texas property owner, you need to know about common property tax exemptions. For example, if your property is also your primary residence, you probably qualify for the General Residence Homestead exemption.

Contact the Kaufman Central Appraisal District to determine which Kaufman County property tax exemptions you are eligible for.

Kaufman County Delinquent Property Taxes: Dates to Know

In Kaufman County, property tax bills are sent in October and are due by January 31st.

On February 1st, unpaid Kaufman County property tax accounts begin to accrue interest and penalties starting at 7% and increasing monthly while the taxes remain overdue and possibly resulting in tax liens.

Also, the county hires attorneys to collect delinquent property tax accounts. Attorney fees of 15-20% are applied to delinquent accounts on July 1st, the date to get your Kaufman County delinquent property taxes paid in full, if at all possible.

Kaufman County Property Taxes – How to Pay, Even When You Don’t Have the Money

Fortunately, the Kaufman County Tax Collector/Tax Assessor’s office accepts partial payments if you can’t pay the total amount. However, any amount not paid in full by February 1st will go into delinquency.

Pay online through the Kaufman County Property Tax Office and enter Jurisdiction Code 6382. There is a credit card fee.

Pay by phone at 866-549-1010 and enter Bureau Code 5499044.

Mail your Kaufman County property tax payment to:

Brenda Samples
Kaufman County
PO Box 339
Kaufman, TX 75142-0339

If you are unable to pay your property taxes in Kaufman County in full by the January 31st deadline, or if you are already delinquent and trying to stop the accruing penalties and fees, fill out our streamlined application for a Kaufman County property tax loan.

Tax Ease offers free quotes and customized payment plans – and we will even come to you to complete the paperwork.

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