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Grayson County Property Tax Loans

Located in northern Texas on the border with Oklahoma, Grayson County homeowners enjoy all the benefits of living near the Dallas metro area, while also getting to enjoy rural living. But one thing you probably don’t enjoy is paying Grayson County property taxes. If you need help paying your Grayson County property tax bill, you’re in luck. Tax Ease can help with Grayson County property tax loans. Keep reading for more information on property taxes specific to Grayson County — and how to get help with paying your property tax in Grayson County if you need it.

Grayson County Property Tax Loans

Grayson County Property Tax Information

Texas has no state income tax, because the voters spoke and banned income taxes in 2019. So, if property taxes in Texas seem high compared to other states, there’s a good reason. Since Texas doesn’t have a state income tax, the Grayson County property tax rate serves as the primary source of income for the local government and is used to fund schools, road repairs, safety initiatives and much more. Your property taxes are based on the appraised value of your property, as determined by the Grayson Central Appraisal District.

Grayson County Property Tax Rate

Your Grayson County, Texas, property tax rate is the combination of the rates of the individual taxing units with jurisdiction where your property is located. The Grayson County taxing units include:

  • Grayson County
  • Cities of Denison, Collinsville, Gunter, Howe, Knollwood, Pottsboro, Sherman, Southmayd, Tioga, Tom Bean, Van Alstyne, Whitesboro, Whitewright and Bells
  • Bells ISD
  • Celina ISD
  • Collinsville ISD
  • Denison ISD
  • Gunter ISD
  • Howe ISD
  • Pottsboro ISD
  • S&S CISD
  • Sherman ISD
  • Tioga ISD
  • Tom Bean ISD
  • Van Alstyne ISD
  • Whitesboro ISD
  • Whitewright ISD
  • Grayson College

Delinquent Property Taxes in Grayson County

You should receive your Grayson County property tax bill in October. All property tax payments are due by January 31st, and they will be considered past due on February 1st. At that time, a 6% penalty and 1% interest charge will apply immediately, and the penalties will continue to accrue until you pay your debt in full. Failure to satisfy your property tax debt can even lead to foreclosure.

A Tax Ease Grayson County Property Tax Loan Can Help

If you are having trouble paying your Grayson County property taxes and are facing penalties, interest charges and possible foreclosure, Texas property tax loans from Tax Ease can help.

We will never check your credit, and most people receive approval within 24 hours. As Texas property tax lenders, we have a simple 5-step process to get property tax assistance in Grayson County.

  1. Fill out our simple loan application online.
  2. Wait for our team to review your property tax information.
  3. Work with us to create a payment plan that works with your budget.
  4. Close on your loan.
  5. Your delinquent taxes will be paid in full.

Start the process today and discover how Tax Ease can help.

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Need a Chambers County Property Tax Loan? Let Tax Ease Show You How

Are you looking for an end to the stress caused by Grayson County delinquent taxes? With a Grayson County property tax loan from Tax Ease, your tax bill is paid in full. That means an end to accruing interest, penalties and fees, and your home will be safe from foreclosure.

Tax Ease has been offering loans to help Texans avoid property tax delinquency for nearly 20 years. With three offices across the state, we are here to serve you – we will even come to you to sign the paperwork, anywhere in the state.

You and your family can rest easy with Grayson County property tax loans from Tax Ease!

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