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Comal County Property Tax Loans

A part of the San Antonio region, Comal County’s residents and visitors alike enjoy the beauty of the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers and the cultural contributions of German immigrants who settled into the Texas Hill Country in the 19th century. Comal County property owners have easy access to authentic sausages, sauerkraut and beer, and they can go tubing down river waters that stay around 70 degrees year-round. Still, even in Comal County, Texas, property taxes are inescapable—and higher than the national average. Read more to get information on Comal County property taxes and find out how to get help paying your tax bill with Comal County property tax loans from Tax Ease.

Comal County Property Tax Information

Lone Star State citizens don’t pay a state income tax, so property taxes are assessed, collected and spent locally to fund city and county services like education, healthcare and public safety. This is true across the state, from Harris County to Dallas and everywhere in between. Keep reading to learn where your Comal County property tax dollars go.

Comal County Property Tax Rate

The Texas Property Tax Code ensures that property taxes are assessed and collected uniformly and fairly across Texas’s 254 counties. Here’s how it works and what makes up the Comal County property tax rate.

  1. The Comal Appraisal District estimates the fair market value of all properties in the county. There is an independent appraisal review board to hear protests from property owners who contest their appraisals and can’t reach an agreement with the appraisal district.
  2. Taxing jurisdictions are the local entities that collect taxes within a county, and each sets its tax rate. Comal property taxes include rates from 34 taxing units, including:
    • Cities: all or part of Bulverde, Fair Oaks Ranch, Garden Ridge, New Braunfels, Schertz, Selma and Spring Branch
    • Schools: New Braunfels, Boerne and Wimberley Independent School Districts
    • Seven emergency services districts
    • Municipal utility districts: Johnson Ranch and Meyer Ranch
    • Water Improvement Districts: Comal County No. 1 and No. 6, Lake Dunlop and York Creek
  3. The Comal County tax assessor-collector‘s office generates property tax bills and collects tax payments.

While the specific rates can change year to year, the average effective Comal County property tax rate (as of 2021) is around 1.34%.

How to Lower Comal County Property Taxes

The most common way to lower your Comal County property taxes is through the homestead exemption, which you may qualify for if your property is also your primary residence. The standard tax exemption reduces the appraised value of your home by $25,000.

Qualified people who are age 65 or older or disabled receive additional exemptions, and disabled veterans can be fully exempt.

What Happens If You Can’t Pay Your Property Taxes in Comal County

Property taxes in Comal County are always due on January 31. On February 1, interest begins to accrue on the past due amount, and a 6% penalty is applied. On July 1, the penalty jumps to 20%, increasing your amount owed by over 40%. It’s important to take control of delinquent property taxes as soon as possible to avoid additional penalties and fees. Get help now with a Comal County property tax loan from Tax Ease.

Apply for a Comal County Property Tax Loan Now

You can prevent or end the late fees, penalties and tax liens from delinquent taxes right now. It’s easy to apply for Comal County property tax loans at Tax Ease. With an approved loan application, choose a payment plan and your Comal County property tax bill is paid. Get approved in as little as 24 hours and eliminate the stress of unpaid taxes.

Pay Property Tax Bills With Comal County Property Tax Loans from Tax Ease

If you have a Comal County property tax bill you can’t pay, you have options. Contact us today to find out how simple it is to apply for a Comal County property tax loan, and rest easy knowing your home is protected with help from Tax Ease.

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