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Brazos County Property Tax Loans

Nestled between the Brazos and Navasota Rivers, Brazos County is located in South Central Texas. Brazos County boasts a population of 229,211, up 17.6% over 2010. Home to Texas A&M University and the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Brazos County is also known for agribusiness, research and development, wineries, industrial parks and tourism. In case you’re wondering, “Does Texas have property tax?” the answer is “Yes.” Like every county in Texas, Brazos County is also known as a place where property taxes put a bite on citizens. To learn more and find out how Brazos County property tax loans can help you, read on!

What Is The Brazos County Property Tax Rate?

Brazos County collects an average of 1.88% in personal property taxes. Given that the median value of a home in Brazos County is $141,700, this amounts to $2,657 per year in property taxes. The actual amount of your Brazos property tax will vary based on the city in which you live. Along with the percentage charged by your county, you will also pay for local government services, including the schools in your district. The cities that pay property taxes in Brazos County are:

  • Bryan, TX
  • College Station, TX
  • Kurten, TX
  • Navasota, TX

How Do Brazos County Property Taxes Compare To Other Counties?

The property tax rate in Brazos County ranked 238th of 3,143 counties in order of median property taxes. This makes Brazos one of the highest counties in the U.S. in terms of median property taxes. On average, residents of Brazos County paid approximately 3.92% of their yearly income in property taxes. If you lived in King County, which collects the most in property taxes, you’d be paying an average of $5,066 per year. In Terrell County, you’d be paying much less – an average of $285 per year.

Wondering What Property Taxes Are Based On in Brazos County?

Like all counties in Texas, property taxes include a portion for county taxes and a percentage set by local tax authorities. Once this tax rate is established, the amount you pay in Brazos County property tax is applied to the appraised value of your property. Property values are set by your appraisal district and determined based on prior value and what other homes in your neighborhood are currently selling for. There are many resources to learn more about Brazos County property taxes. These include:

Who Gets The Money From Brazos County Property Taxes?

The beneficiaries of your property taxes are your county, local government and school district. You may think you’re paying too much in taxes, but at least you know your money is paying for services in your community. In Texas, there is no income tax, so Brazos County property taxes are the only ones you will pay.

Are There Any Exemptions From Property Taxes in Brazos County?

There are several property tax exemptions available to residents of Brazos County. The county publishes a list of property tax exemptions and what you need to do to qualify. Exemptions include:

  • 1. Residence Homestead Exemption
  • 2. Inherited Residence Homestead
  • 3. Age 65 or Older or Disabled Persons
  • 4. Veterans
  • 5. Solar and Wind-Powered Energy Device
  • 6. Charitable Organizations and Businesses

Make sure you read and understand these exemptions so you only pay what you need to in Brazos County property taxes. Helpful tip: When you purchase a home, consider getting title insurance, which protects you from problems like unpaid property taxes by a previous owner. You don’t need to be paying someone else’s Brazos property tax on top of your own!

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