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Bell County Property Tax Loans and General Info

Whether residents live in Fort Worth or Killeen, tax bills are sent out annually and must be paid in full by their due date. A prolonged, continued failure to pay can lead to potential foreclosure for many homes and businesses. If you’re approaching the deadline and still haven’t cleared your balance, it’s time to consider Bell County property tax loans from Tax Ease. With our loans, you can settle your Bell County property tax bill and avoid accruing additional expenses due to unpaid late fees. In this article, we’ll explain the info you should know about the Bell County, Texas property tax rate to keep your finances perfectly in tune with your goals.

How Much is the Bell County Property Tax?

If there’s one thing you should know about the state of Texas, property taxes are known to be as large as the state itself. In fact, Texas property taxes are higher compared to other states, with the exception of states like Illinois and New Jersey. Don’t get us wrong, though — counties like Ward (0.51%), Kenedy (0.73%) and Kent (1.30%) all have some of the lowest property tax rates of counties in Texas. For the entire state of Texas, however, the average property tax is 1.87%.

The Bell County property tax rate averages 1.83%, just under the average Texas percentage. This number is determined by one or more tax assessors working at the Bell County Appraisal District. These experts analyze the area’s taxable real estate, from residential to commercial properties. After evaluating the Bell County properties, the comptroller and tax assessor can officially determine the county’s tax rate.

What Factors Determine the Bell County Property Tax Rate?

If you live in Tarrant County, Borden County or Bell County, you should know that property tax rates are all determined using the same methods. We understand this may be confusing when looking at the difference between Texas counties with the highest property tax rates and the districts with the lowest property tax rates. After all, how can one Texas property have a higher tax rate than another from a neighboring county if the same processes are used?

When an assessor is analyzing real estate to confirm the Kenedy, Borden or Bell County, Texas property tax rate, they will survey the area’s cost-of-living and median home values. In other words, larger counties with more expensive homes are more likely to have a higher tax rate. But, this isn’t always the case — school levies and ordinances can impact the tax rate of a specific city and make the rate much more than the county’s average tax rate. If you live in Dallas County, for example, the county’s average tax rate is 1.99% whereas the city of Dallas pays around 2.85%.

How Do You Pay Your Bell County Property Tax?

When you receive your Bell County property tax bill from the appraisal district around October, you’ll have until January 31st to settle your debt. This is the due date for all Texas property taxes. Simply visit the Bell County Tax Appraisal District website to pay your amount owed — by eCheck or with a credit/debit card over the phone or online. You will need basic information like the property’s address or ID number to get started. Please note: all payments are subject to a small fee — 2.15% for credit/debit cards, 1.00% for Visa debit cards and $0.50 per transaction for eCheck payments.

What If You Don’t Pay Your Bell County Property Tax?

If you don’t pay your Bell County property tax, loans may be needed as your account will default to “delinquent” status on February 1st. From February 1st until July 1st, tax penalties for Texas will gradually increase over time. At first, you will only incur a 7% interest and penalty fee. After July 1st, though, you’ll receive a collection fee of 20% to pay in addition to your total bill and other accrued fees. Not only that, but your property will be issued a tax lien which can place you at risk of foreclosure.

How to Apply for Bell County Property Tax Loans

You might be wondering when the best time to apply for Bell County property tax loans is. Truthfully, this decision will be dependent upon your financial situation. However, we recommend applying for loans as soon as you can if you realize you can’t pay off your balance. Otherwise, you’ll owe more money in the long-run, regardless of whether or not you apply for a Tax Ease loan.

To get started, you’ll need to complete a free application and provide us with crucial information like your name, address, income statement and more. Once we receive your request, we’ll look through your info to formulate the best type of loan for your individual needs. Afterwards, we’ll meet with you to discuss the most appropriate loan amount, rate and payment schedule based on what you owe. Our loan process is easy and takes about 24 hours to complete, so you’ll get instant feedback from one of our friendly and professional lenders.

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